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Direct Printed Shape Memory Aligner Resin


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Direct Aligner Resin

The World’s First Aligner Resin with a Shape Memory Polymer 
The World’s First 3D Direct Printed Aligner Resin

Now Available Through PG Supply


Adjustable Orthodontic Force


Shape Memory

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Tera Harz TC-85

Material background

Tera Harz TC-85 is a photopolymer material that was created to overcome the current limitation of thermoforming sheet type aligner.

The Tera Harz direct aligner is the first aligner developed in the world that can be printed directly with a 3D printer.

It makes orthodontic treatment more efficient and less painful for the patient.

Direct aligner is an orthodontic dental device that was created with state-of-the-art 3D printing technology for professional orthodontic experts, patients, and maximized treatment efficiency.

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