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Ligature Wire and Kobayashi Ties

Our Preformed Ligature and Kobayashi products are made of annealed 304 Stainless Steel to ensure consistent shape and predictable performance. Used in place of elastic ligatures, your customers will appreciate the ease with which they can be placed over the cracked and tied.


Tooth Coated coming soon!

  • Ball Hooks
    Crimpable Ball Hooks are a more economical, convenient alternative to pre-posted archwires. Easily placed on all wire sizes from .012 to .021 x .025. One piece construction of 316L material. Straight is 5mm from top of base to tip of ball. .022 slotted base allows quick, easy placement at any position on the wire, in or out of the mouth. Left and Right Hooks aid in the application of elastics and extension springs. Straight ‘hook’ provides for inter maxillary fixation and elastic connection. Offered in quantities of 10. Available in Left, Right, and Straight
  • Crimpable Stops
    “C-Stop™” Crimpable Stops firmly grip the archwire to prevent the wire from sliding beyond the adjacent bracket or buccal tube. Can reduce distal end ‘pokes.’ Provides for greater control of tooth movement. C-Stops may also be used as a stop against compression springs to create or maintain space. Crimps firmly to rectangular archwires. .022 slot for easy attachment. May be attached to ligated archwire or to wire before ligation. Manufactured of 316L Stainless Steel. Offered in quantities of 10. Available in one size.
  • Stop Locks
    Stop Locks continue to be a secure technique for archwire locking. The stop lock base is made of SS303 material, with .022 slot. It slides easily over the archwire and is held firmly by the nut, made of 316L material, with the twist of the wrench. .022 wire slot. Use to prevent archwire sliding out of buccal tube. Provides a stop for compression spring treatment. Offered in quantities of 5. Stop Locks: One size, .022 wire slot. Wrench: One size.
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